His Royalty and Kingship

I recently finished an order of seven pairs of flags for a group of ladies. They wanted purple and gold for His royalty and His kingship.
These are a couple of the flags from  those seven pairs. If you like these and are interested in purchasing some like this please comment below or email me at forhisglory@anointedflags.com
If you like this style, but want different colors that can be done as well.
The size of the ones in the picture are approximately 35×41 inches.
They are 100% silk, with a hand-hemmed rolled hem, and hand dyed. They also have flexible rods which not only are wonderful to flag with but also really nice to to “fold” them to take with you to church, worship events, etc.  I’ve taken my flags on planes several time in my carry-on luggage.
This size is $75 for a pair (plus shipping)
Thank you for checking out my website.
God bless you!

purple gold 1 purple gold 7