Sunrise Praise

Driving  one morning there was the most glorious sunrise. I was reminded of this verse. “From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the Lord is to be praised!” Psa 113:3 We need to praise Him through the day. Don’t wait for what you consider “big things” to praise Him. Praise Him for the little things too, because He cares about you enough to bless you in the “everyday” things as much as He wants to bless you with your “bigger” needs. From sunrise to sunset…. through the day… Praise Him!
Two pairs of flags came about inspired from that sunrise and verse. This is the first pair.
THEY ARE AVAILABLE $75 for the pair.
They are 100% silk, hand dyed, and have flexible rods (what some people call “quills”) They are approximately 35×41 inches. Please comment below or email me at  if you’re interested or have any questions. :)
God bless you!

sunrise praise 1           sunrise praise 2